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ACE Courier & Delivery Service was founded in 2004 from the need for a fast and reliable medical courier service for our local healthcare community. Our commitment to the healthcare providers we serve is our TOP PRIORITY.

At ACE Courier & Delivery Service, we offer top quality, around the clock medical specimen pick up and delivery. ​Our couriers are professional, service oriented, and trained in transporting urgent medical materials including tissue samples, specimens, blood work, medications, and medical devices.


We understand that specimen and information handling requires special knowledge, training, and the utmost diligence and care to ensure that everything arrives quickly, privately, and in pristine condition. ACE couriers receive awareness training in hazardous material delivery; specimen handling including temperature controlled transports; Protected Healthcare Information security; and chain of custody documentation as required by governmental regulations. Each driver undergoes an extensive background check and is held to the highest standards of accountability and professionalism.

At ACE, we deliver medical integrity with the speed of life.

Call 850-244-2626 to schedule your pick up.
Medical Courier and Delivery Service
HIPAA Compliant
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